So this is a thing now…


It appears everybody is blogging these days. Why am I joining the bandwagon now you ask? Well, I have been running for over a year now, running my first half marathon this may, in a time of 1hour 51 which I was chuffed with. After this, I had a six week exam period of 8 exams (law conversions are NOT fun), and running fell to the wayside a bit. Now, after four fantastic years in Leeds I have moved back home to Ipswich to save some money. Maybe for travelling, maybe for the LPC (yes I need to do another course before I can train as a solicitor!), or maybe just so I can afford a nice flat when I crack and move back to Leeds. And yet, despite the boredom of being back in the old hometown, I find I’m struggling a little with my running motivation. Solution? Why start a blog of course, so I feel bad when I don’t run because I have nothing to post about. So folks, this will be all about my continuing journey as a runner, and probably random things about my life too. Because why the hell not. So welcome, fellow runners. I hope to be of some interest to you all in the future. Peace xx also, this is me. Because it’s always nice to see the face behind the words. 20140731-194623-71183806.jpg