Breaking through the half marathon wall


Here we are, 10 weeks into training, and last week I finally made the great leap of faith in my body and mind’s capabilities. I ran 14 miles. Further than I’d ever run before. And to top that off I did it whilst still having a cold, in fact I think this is what caused it to move into a full blown chest infection. I had 3 days off, and then did two 6 milers, one 4 and another 13 this Sunday. 
Increasing the mileage has felt great. Actually doing it and forcing myself to keep going on those long runs has been difficult. Everything starts to hurt, and I’ve already gone pretty far… But I’ve resisted the urge to turn back, and now I feel like I can possibly do it. 
It is perhaps slightly unfortunate that this Friday I’m off travelling for 3 weeks, so it’s going to be pretty tough to fit in those long runs while I’m in Asia… But I’m hoping I can at least retain my fitness enough to not be starting over a month before the big marathon day! 
Still, maybe I can do it?  


8 thoughts on “Breaking through the half marathon wall

  1. irunnegativesplits

    You’ll definitely be able to handle a Half. Ten weeks into it plus you’ve knocked a 14, you’ll be good. Assuming you’re on a 16-18 week program. More importantly is get that cold fixed first! Your training wont suffer from taking some time off to get right. Asia? not a bad deal! If you’ve put in the work, all will be okay. When you come back recovered, take it slow and don’t get discouraged about time/pace, it’s there.


    • Yeah the cold feels much better now, I had 3 days off last week which worked wonders! I’m not really aiming for a specific marathon time anymore, although I’d like to be under 4:20 ideally! As long as I finish it I’ll be happy!


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