Drivers and urban running


Does anybody else find that some drivers are really unnecessarily difficult when they are out running in a city/urban environment.

I live on the edge of a town, and so a lot of my running involved running loops through various housing developments and busy main roads. And I have to say, some drivers I encounter must either be inconsiderate to all pedestrians, or just have something against runners.

The most annoying of these are those who reverse up their drive and wait there adamantly, even though they saw you coming and know they are making you wait. I’m not saying it’s always wrong, sometimes there is a break in the traffic and they should be entitled to take that opportunity to escape their driveway! It’s the people who just sit there whilst there is a constant flow of traffic and they clearly are not getting out in the next 30 seconds… Would it kill you to move forward for a few seconds so I can safely pass?

Another annoyance of mine is people who don’t bother to indicate, and then look at you like it’s your fault when they nearly run you over… We cross roads and junctions based on your signalling, and your cars are much bigger and usually faster than us, so please indicate. Even if there are no other motorists around, runners and other pedestrians cannot be treated as if we don’t exist!

Of course, these rants apply to the minority of drivers. Many people have moved forward or waited to let me pass on my running excursions, and I appreciate their gesture. But for those few, we are out there challenging ourselves, trying to improve, and they can hinder our progress (slower time, unplanned rest, knocked confidence). I’m sure this doesn’t apply to any of my readers, since I presume you are fellow runners and approach these situations to allow the runners to continue their run. But to anyone who is guilty of non-indication because there are no other cars around, please think of the pedestrians and runners next time you are out.