Change of discipline


Due to the ambition of some friends of mine, I have decided to switch my focus for the next few months, away from pure running, and onto triathlon. We seem to have decided on the York triathlon in April: a 250m swim, 18km bike ride and 5k run. The run part I feel pretty prepared for even now. Although I am no where near my peak fitness, I know I could run it in under half an hour if I had to now. My aim for the run is to go sub-25. Should be do able, I have 4 months…

Swimming will be the biggest challenge I feel, since I haven’t actually done that since I was about 14, other than as an occasional leisurely holiday activity. It isn’t far to swim, 16 lengths, so with a bit of training it will be fine. However, since I go to a budget gym chain, there is no pool. Herein lies the problem. Luckily the Uni gym does have a pool, so I may just have to suck it up and pay per time.

This is certainly going to be an expensive challenge, I need a swimming suit and goggles for a start, maybe a hat. And then there is entry fee too, plus getting to york (I will worry about that nearer the time). The main expense will be the fact that I need a bike. My mum has a bike, I shall look at it when I go home, but I may need to buy a road bike. Oh boy. bit of research has reviled that these things aren’t cheap. I could cycle to work maybe to help justify the costs…

But for now I am going to train in the gym (I’ve done 2 hours cycling and an hour running this week, no swimming until I get a costume!) and sort out equipment nearer the time…

First triathlon, I am excited.

Getting back out there


This week was going fairly well. Until I started my new job on Saturday (yesterday). My feet ached so much this morning after standing on them for 10 hours straight yesterday that I couldn’t bring myself to go out this morning. They don’t feel much better today. I’ve only had a week off of bar work, so why they hurt so much is a mystery to me! No weekend running for me!
I started off fairly gently this week, easing myself back in. Here is my run breakdown:
Monday: 3km – 18:26mins – 6’07” pace
Tuesday: 4.2km – 26mins – 6’06” pace
Wednesday: 5km – 29:19mins – 5’45” pace
Thursday: 4.6km fartlek – 25:10mins – 5’22” pace
Friday: 3.9km – 22:05mins – 5’32” pace
Total run distance: 21km
Total run time: 2:01:01

Pushed myself back towards my regular run pace from when I was training for my half marathon towards the end of the week. I cannot run as far as I could comfortably at these paces anymore, but going slower was frustrating me. Next week my goal is to try and hit 10km on at least one run, and run 30km in total. One run at a time is how I need to focus on getting back on form I think! Any advice from anyone who experienced a similar break and found a good way (or bad way!) to try and make a come back would be greatly appreciated!
Happy running y’all!

Ps, make sure you wear sun cream when you go out running folks! Tuesdays run left me with some Pretty nasty burns on my legs (see photo), shoulders and upper arms! Please remember sun safety is worth it in the short and long term everyone! β˜€οΈ who wants to look like a lobster in pain anyway?!