A slight set back


Ok I admit it, I’ve failed the mile a day challenge. It wasn’t through laziness though, so don’t judge me too much.

How did I let this happen then? Well I went to Leeds yesterday to go house hunting. It’s a 3+ hour journey, so I got the first train to maximise available house hunting time. That train left Ipswich at 6am. I got up at 5am. I left Leeds at 7:45 and got back at 11:30pm. I thought that I’d have enough time when I got back to squeeze that mile in, but I underestimated just how exhausted I would be. I walked all over Leeds, and I just couldn’t do it. By the time I got home from the station at 11:45pm all I wanted to do was go to bed. So I did.

However since the failure to run was more down to inconvenient circumstances than a lack of motivation on my part, I decided I’d allow myself to continue with my challenge, as long as I went for an extra run today. So I ran one mile this morning and one this afternoon. Not like I have much to do right now since all my hours got cut for the week after I handed in my notice! And my gym membership has ended too. Set backs happen, and as the featured image so aptly puts it, this won’t be my only one. It’s overcoming the set backs that is important. So, on with the challenge I go.

In other news: Genuinely considering signing up to the Manchester marathon in April which a friend is trying to convince me to do, because goals give me a sense of purpose. And I’m bored. Even though it’s only for a week or so. 26 miles still feels like an awful long way though I must say. I don’t know that I could keep going for that long! I have however signed up to the pre-sale list for the Yorkshire marathon in October. That feels less intimidating, seeing as it’s over a year away. April is kind of soon…

And finally an update on my nike+ achievements. My next run should take me to 200K nikefuel so I can cross that one off. I also randomly got the year anniversary award. Which is odd because I joined in June 2013. Seriously, I’ve attached pictures! Also of my sign up and today’s two miles.







No more tiny gym!


So this mile a day challenge thing. So far it’s been four days and the drop in my average distance is making me sad. I’ve run 5 less miles this week than average, and since I have to do this for another 26 days, my average week distance will likely be effected. This is irking me somewhat. I don’t know why I care so much about statistics, especially when I’m the only one who sees them. It’s going to be a tough 3 and a half weeks to stick to my goal and restrain myself. Then I will have 8 weeks until the Abbey Dash, perfect timing to complete the Nike+ training intermediate 10K plan. Bring it on.

In other news, weird gym guy has now taken to hiding in his office every time I go into the gym when he is working. This is a vast improvement on his annoying attempts to make small talk. Fortunately for his pride, I am moving back to Leeds in 2/3 weeks (notice is in, and I’m off house hunting next week), beyond excited and it means I get to QUIT THE TINY GYM!!! And not run into people from high school on a daily basis. Whether I will be able to afford a gym in Leeds/ if there will be a convenient and affordable one near my house is a different matter. Time will tell.

Photos attached of my run records.



Mile a day month


So I think I saw this on twitter or somewhere, someone saying they were challenging themselves to run a mile a day for a month.

I thought this was an interesting idea, and a good way to shake up my normal workout routine at the moment. I hope running everyday will motivate me, and improve my speed over a short distance. This goal will be hard for me to stick to in two different ways.

It’s only a mile though, I hear you say. Well that actually is problem number one. It’s only a mile. That’s not very far, and there is something very Unsatisfying about connecting to nike+ and seeing your total km barely change and so forth. Progress will feel minimal I suspect. I love looking and seeing I outran last week, last month etc, and I think I will struggle to stick to the shorter distance.

I started yesterday, when I managed one mile on the treadmill for my evening gym session. The idea actually was brought to mind because I was struggling to run even that having eaten my dinner not long before. Essentially it was a way for me to justify not running very far, but having thought about it overnight I think I could actually benefit and learn about my running ability and motivation from the challenge. So out I went this morning and ran the 2km round the block. Which is just over a mile I know. But it was a convenient loop and I didn’t want to stop running that close to home. See, as I said, it will be a struggle. Particularly since on learning I will definitely be moving back to Leeds in the next few weeks (YAY) I signed up to the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k in November. More on my training for that to follow.

Which leads me (no pun intended) onto the second reason why this challenge will be particularly tricky for me: house hunting and moving 4 hours across the country and still finding the time to run every day. It can be hard to run when you feel you have a lot going on, it’s easy just to promise yourself you’ll make up for skipping a day by running further another day. I’m hoping this challenge will help me to kick that habit.

So, my first run yesterday of 1 mile took me 9mins 30secs. This seems like a good base pace to improve upon. Today I did 2.1km in 11min 20sec, since my pace was 5’24 mins/km I’d estimate that to be 8.40 mins for the mile. An improvement already, probably due to the fact I ran on the road not the treadmill today. Another thing I’m keen to see during this challenge – how the setting affects my performance.

I will aim to update every week how I am getting on, along with other general posts!

I will also attach nike+ analysis photos. So you know I’m not fibbing!